MICROMAST SPRING SCHOOL 2016 (LinkMicrofluidics  –  COMSOL (case studies: 1234)
GDR MICRONANOFLUIDICS 2015 (Link) Fundamentals of hydrodynamics
COST CM1101 (Link) Surface rheology in liquid film dynamics (Comsol exercises)

CHIM-H-401 Parameter estimation and modeling
BING-H-4003 Opérations unitaires – Microfluidique

– Preparation and studies of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles using microfluidics
(Academic partner: Hennie Valkenier)
– Contribution to the improvement of an intra-utero rate-of-hemoglobins echoDoppler diagnostic using microfluidics
(Academic partner: CHU Brugmann)
– Study of negative pressure drop with bubbly flow in microchannels.
– Study of protein encapsulation using microfluidics
– Study of the draw resonance in fiber spinning including thermal effects: application to glass fibres
(Industrial partner: 3B)
– More: almost all our research themes can be the subject of a master student thesis