• FIRST-ENTREPRISE (2018-2020)   Funding: DG-06(Walloon Region)

“Optimisation du design d’une puce microfluidique pour la production d’adjuvant

  • WOLFLOW (2018-2021)   Funding: F.R.S.-FNRS

“Wrapping Objects with Liquid Flows by Lifting them Out of their Wakes

  • PICABO (2016-2019)   Funding: MecaTech (Walloon Region)

“Développement d’un ‘medical device’ pour améliorer la sécurité transfusionnelle

  • OMICRON (2016-2019)   Funding: First-Spin-Off (Walloon Region)

“Production à haut débit de micro-billes poreuses et fonctionnalisées

  • CARMAPHARM (2014-2019)  Funding: MecaTech (Walloon Region)

 “CARbon based MAtrix for PHARMaceutical purpose”

  • LEGOMEDIC (2012-2019)   Funding: MecaTech (Walloon Region)

“Development of a microfluidic process for the production of pharmaceutical molecules”


Past Projects

  • MICROECO (2013-2018)   Funding: WBGreen (Brussels & Walloon Regions)

Development of a microfluidic process for the production of hydrogen peroxide by direct synthesis” 

  • MICROMAST (2012-2017)  Funding: IAP (BELSPO)

“Microfluidics and micromanipulation: multi-scale applications of surface tension”